Our Company

Who We Are...

Clean & Neat Mobile Auto Detailing is a stream-lined mobile auto detailing company. We believe in cleaning out your car, not your wallet. Our mobile detail service accentuates the already attractive features of your vehicle through an array of auto-detailing services. Our company is completely mobile - we come to you. We offer flexible scheduling and convenience to our customers. Our experienced technicians are dedicated to protecting your investment. With over twenty five years of experience, our technicians have mastered preserving new vehicles and reconditioning older vehicles. We use only the best products on the market and the newest technology in each and every service we provide. Depending on the condition of your vehicle, our numerous detail packages are customized to fit your specific detail need.  We service the following: 

• Cars

• Trucks

• SUVs

• Boats

• Motorcycles


• RVs

Benefits of Detailing

We believe in protecting your investment. We are committed to an affordable solution that meets your lifestyle and pocketbook needs. Longevity of your vehicle is paramount. Through Clean & Neat meticulous cleanings, brilliant shine reconditioning and protective finishing services, your vehicle will exceed your expectations and its life expectancy. In the Arizona climate, our scheduled preventative services eliminate the opportunity for sun damage and oxidation to the paint of your vehicle. We are committed to affordable services that protect your investment for years and seasons to come.  

• Increase Longevity • Seal Paint • Exceed Life Expectancy • Eliminate Sun Damage and  Oxidation

Contact us to preserve your vehicle with our complete auto detailing services.